Software development companies in Lithuania.


I've managed to obtain data from about software development companies in Kaunas and Vilnius. For those interested on how I did it, please contact me personally. I think it's great this information is available to the public and I want to thank rekvizitai website for great service they provide !

Data is as it was on on 17/06/2019. Not all companies have all information available but anyways you can see it for yourself and view the data below. As a disclaimer, this doesn't mean that these are all IT companies in Lithuania ; data is from "Computer software development"  category and there are few more that relate to IT. 

I am not expert in data analysis and statistics so I do apologies if below visualisation is in any way misleading or commits some statistical sins. This was just excersise and fun thing for me to do and is not to be taken seriously. 

Below are some embeded iframes from - if you don't see them, try different browser. You can interact with them by hovering over.

Let's jump into it:

Data can be viewed/downloaded from here:

- There are 983 companies in dataset, below is the pie-chart breaking it down to Kaunas/Vilnius

Kaunas-Vilnius piechart

- Most of the companies registered are small 0-5000 EUR revenue companies. Biggest companies are most rare. This can be clearly seen in piechart below:


Avarage salary seems to be bigger in Vilnius, with mean at 1892 EUR wheras Kaunas has it's mean at 1559 EUR. Let's keep in mind that most companies are small (1-2 people companies) and data includes companies with monthly salary of for ex 90 EUR. Also not all companies had their avarage monthly salary available. This is my favourite chart :


I was suprised to see result of below trace (well maybe not so much). It's clear that data suggest - the bigger the company(employees wise), the bigger avarage monthly salary.


Last chart,  something on the funny note; more employees you have, lower your rating on :( Linearly speaking...



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