No code day

After launching the website and completing to-do list with most essential improvements the day has come with no mojo to do anything. I have been bombarding myself with ideas of what to learn and exploring vast universe of Python libraries wishing that I had ability to insta-learn all of them, sort of like in Matrix Neo learns different combat styles within matter of seconds.

Despite the fact it is frustrating to surround yourself with posibilities it is also good to expand your horizons and get a good visibility of enviroment you are getting into. Below couple of things that I decided to explore and for which I opened 20 new tabs in my browser:

I've spend quite a lot of time yesterday researching Twisted netwok framework for Python. I watched below video:


Twisted is impressive in it's flexibility and application scope, I am not near the point that I could utilize it in any extend but this video made me make a mental note that this is something to be vary of in future. 

Another thing I started exploring is Data Science libraries for Python ; numpy, plotly, pandas. As a cliche wanna-be-programmer I want to dive in to Machine-Learning at some point in my life and of course further explorarion of these libraries will be inevitable. Hopefully it won't be too long until I decide to do something in this direction. I also discovered probably the most creative data-set website; Kaggle. The idea behind it is simple; people/organisations post various data-sets and everyone can contribute with their own presentation/interpretation made in Kaggle Kernels which is cloud enviroment that can run sripts or Python code in form of Jupyter Notebook. Again, so many posibilites ! How to get my head around them?!

After finishing the website for now, the real question is:

But on a serious note, it is tempting to start something new but I think I am not finished with Django for now. I have another project to make. I think after it I will be able to leave Django for some time and focus on something else. I have just started, I have right to not be specialised. 

Some more memes:

I think second option is actually worse 👀:

Also very relatable,classic :