Pycon LT 2019.


4 days after Pycon and it's time to digest a little bit of what happened:

Pycon was:

  • My official first serious step into Python community.
  • A Great event
  • A very important element of learning programming language.

There was great balance of :

    A) beginner friendly talks, for example:

Pēteris Caune from who opened up about his journey on creating fully functional and profitable app with Django and his struggles with devops side of the buisness. 

    B) brutally technical talks that wake you up and make you shiver, for example  :

Hynek Schlawack who explain that making sure your application is friendly to deploy is important and not so easy task and involves  some heavy lifting.

    C) purely philosophical and hard to digest talks like, for example:

John Bywater : Introduction to eventsourcing. I was astound of how much philosophy can one bring to programming language. - this is probably to be studied in deep. 


One PyData that I went to and was really interesting : 

Jan Pipek. Fun with histograms and the physt library. Really great example of Python for humans approach. Physt library seems like a great tool that makes it's best out of OOP and makes histograms almost like tangible objects. Makes you wanna make some histograms.


Couple word about community:

Very helpful, engaging, willing to answer questions from any level of expertise.  Open source oriented and very welcoming. 


Some more cool stuff I've discorvered:

- - I am stuck at lvl 2 but I keep fighting.

-  - great tool for quick code deployment and interaction.

- - links, more links.

- - code review app.

Ok, to the next one!